Bill LaRock

Bill LaRock has been a believer since his teenage years, and in 1984 he moved to Virginia, USA and founded a successful service business which he continues to own and operate. He has also served in various church ministry leadership capacities such as local church financial trusteeship and as a board member of two non-profits; Friends of Children Everywhere and The Sentinel Group. In the last decade his attention has turned in a more focused way to Christian ministry. He helped lead local and national prayer initiatives including “40DaysUSA” in 2004, and “50 Days of Decision” in 2012. “40DaysUSA” was groundbreaking in scope in that over 60 national ministries from across the denominational spectrum participated in forty days of prayer and fasting for the nation prior to the U.S. national elections. “50 Days of Decision” was a clarion call to national repentance supported by a number of notable national ministries. He is the author of “Maturing in Prayer”, a study from God’s word for those desiring to grow in their prayer lives. Presently Bill provides leadership, along with his wife Beth, to One Hope Ministries. He is actively engaged in children’s ministry, evangelistic outreach, and works of mercy. He has a passion to help restore the vigor, power and unity of the early Church to the contemporary Church expression in the world. Bill resides in Leesburg, Virginia, USA with his amazing wife Beth and is the adoptive father of four grown children and grandfather of one.

Beth LaRock

Fresh out of college in 1978, having graduated from SUNY Oswego with bachelor’s degrees in Public Justice and Psychology, Beth founded a Christian bookstore with real faith and no money. Soon thereafter, friends of the store from a number of churches formed a corporation to purchase a building for the express purpose of providing a home for this business/ministry. The multi-church nature of this endeavor portended a characteristic of the ministries in which she would be involved for decades to come. From 1986 through 1995, as a lobbyist with and ultimately as Virginia State Director for Concerned Women for America, she provided leadership during a critical period of phenomenal membership growth and was at various times sought out by regional and national media for her perspective on political developments which concerned the family.

From 1994-1997 she served as a gubernatorial appointee to the Virginia Council on the Status of Women. Community Prayer Watch, which she founded in 2002 would serve as a vehicle through which forty Loudoun County, Virginia churches would participate in monthly prayer and fasting. From 1992 until 1995 she served on the Loudoun County School Board until resigning to devote herself to her newly adopted children. She has also coordinated a number of Loudoun County-wide observances of the National Day of Prayer and The Global Day of Prayer, and was a member of a small team which began the annual Loudoun County Bible Reading Marathon. Beth presently serves with her husband Bill in all aspects of One Hope Ministries’ endeavors. Anyone who knows Beth knows that she never runs out of creative ideas and energy in her pursuit of Jesus and His agenda to seek and save lost hurting people wherever and whenever they may be found.