Hope Events

Hope Events are evangelistic outreaches designed to bring needy, lost and lonely people into relationship the one who loves them the most; Jesus Christ. Food and clothing are sometimes given away. Sometimes we put up a big tent outside and present the gospel through music and preaching. We also minister God’s power to the sick and oppressed.


Here are some testimonies from visitors to previous Hope for Leesburg events:

“I fractured my back 6 months ago and had to have major surgery. Since then I have been unable to walk without a cane and metal brace. At the Hope for Leesburg event I felt a release after receiving prayer, and since that day I have been feeling better and better, and gaining strength which has come back spectacularly ever since! Three days after I received prayer, I worked out in my yard for 6 hours with my husband and grandson. It was truly miraculous to be working outside, and a testimony to our neighbors. I am no longer using the brace or the cane” M.V.

A Korean gentleman who had come with his wife and mom came up to the mic with a testimony: “While Pastor Chris was ministering, I recalled that 30 years ago I had first asked the Lord to save my Buddhist mom. Tonight my wife and my mom are with me, and my mom just came to Jesus…” We all applauded as the little Korean lady smiled.

A Hispanic gentleman who had recently had a stroke and who was unstable on his feet and could only raise his arm to a horizontal position was able to walk more steadily and raise his arm high above his head after prayer.

A lady who had diabetes and who came to the meeting with pain in her legs testified that after prayer she had no more pain in her legs.

This testimony from a local businesswoman and solid Christian known to many of us: “Two weeks ago I experienced a sports related injury to my hip. It had gradually worsened and was especially uncomfortable last evening as I was preparing to go the Hope for Leesburg meeting. I was immediately and completely healed during the prayer time following the preaching of God’s Word. I woke up this morning, and have absolutely no pain!!” T. H.

A mother who had brought her children faithfully each night told me this while we were packing up: “My daughter(aged ~5) just told me that during the meeting she felt someone place their hands on her shoulders, but when she turned around, no one was there” Laura. A child’s imagination? Maybe, but the mother did not seem to think so. The Bible makes it clear that angels are God’s agents to minister to the saints.

We prayed for one lady whose ears were ringing, and the ringing immediately diminished almost completely. Then we prayed for a man with pain and limited mobility in his shoulder. He felt heat in the shoulder area and experienced a significant, immediate diminishment of pain and improvement in mobility. We trust the Lord to complete any additional healing needed.

I chatted Saturday in the dim evening light with a young man who had just given his life to Jesus. He and his cousin tearfully related their story…He had just driven in from Texas that morning. She had been awaked by a dream about him at ~4:30AM, and prayed fervently for him. That night, following a passionate plea to the lost by Pastor Salvador Henriquez, he came forward and wept with head bowed as he received Jesus Christ as his Savior.

One young lady came forward when I invited anyone to testify of any physical healing they had received that night. However, as soon as she came forward she began weeping heavily with eyes closed and I did not want to interrupt her to ask what the Lord had done for her. I went on to another person, but when I came back to her a minute later she was still weeping pretty heavily, so I really never learned just what the Lord was doing for her, but it looked really good!

A lady with a hairline hip fracture who had been in pain for 5 weeks said that her pain immediately left after prayer.