In 2001 we began to facilitate multi-church prayer gatherings and outreach ministry through organic, relational, local church networking. In 2007 we became more acutely aware that a mission field existed at our door step. The entire culture in which we lived had degenerated to the point that it was no longer necessary to sell the house and travel overseas to be missionaries. Concurrently, the foreign-born component of our local demographic had significantly increased, and needs comparable to those on some foreign fields needed to be met with the hope and power of the Gospel . Real, hurting people needed to both hear about and see Jesus; not just church as they may have known it.


Our vision is simple:

  • Take Jesus to people where they live
  • Sensitively but boldly present Him as the answer to all of life’s problems, here and in the hereafter
  • Demonstrate practical love through good works
  • Expect the Lord to supernaturally confirm the testimony of the Gospel with signs and wonders


  • Heritage Kids Club. This is a vehicle which we have developed to bring a Sunday School type program right to the neighborhoods where the kids live.
  • Hope Events. These are outdoor and indoor outreach events at which we endeavor to bring kingdom culture; i.e. real love, real hope, and the life changing power of the Gospel to people where they live rather than ask them to come to church where we live.
  • Love in Action. We bring bread and baked goods to targeted neighborhoods as a way of showing practical love and building relational bridges.


Our paradigm of Church, which we believe is biblical, recognizes that church fellowships, streams, and denominations are valuable, but not when they keep us from cooperating for our mutual edification and the advancement of God’s kingdom. Therefore we endeavor to cooperate with and support the local church by engaging leaders and believers in cooperative ministry thrusts as both an end and a means to an end (John 17:21.)